French Bull Floral Hot Cup


French Bull’s iconic look will draw you into a world of happiness. Be on the go with a French Bull limited-edition signature pattern on French Bull for Cheeky Floral hot cup. The 16oz paper cup comes in a pack of 10. The combo pack also includes 10 matching cardboard sleeves and 10 plastic lids. Most importantly, with every Cheeky item you buy, we’ll help donate a meal to someone who needs it right here in the U.S.A. through our partnership with Feeding America. Wakey wakey! 

  • Be your own barista with 10 French Bull for Cheeky Floral coffee cups, sleeves & lids
  • Purchase one item and Cheeky will donate one meal
  • Cups and sleeves, made of cardboard 
  • Lids, made of plastic 
  • Holds 16 oz, 473 mL