Little Tummies. Big Appetite for Change.

Our new Cheeky Kids mealtime collection brings more of our playful creatures together to promote healthy and happy eating at home. Our new plates, bowls, cups, utensils, bento boxes, water bottles, and sandwich bags feature a theme of whimsical and playful characters to help kids have fun and do good.

Cheeky Kids | You Buy One Item, We Give One Meal

Our chilly polar bear and penguin friends want to help your kids enjoy their meals no matter what time of year. 


Leap into the sky with our pink-maned unicorn and his rainbow, clouds, and starry buddies. 


These monster pals are not afraid to try veggies! There's nothing scary about these designs.


Wilma the Whale and her school of fish friends are back with more mealtime products for at the table or on the go.