Cheeky Baby

Babies are the purest embodiment of optimism, hope, and new beginnings; and Cheeky Baby wants to unleash all that goodness. We’re making it easy for parents to make good choices, so their babies can make a positive mark on the world, from day one. 

Cheeky Baby joins the Cheeky Kids family and helps parents teach lovable life lessons through a cast of cute, whimsical, clever and charming creatures, complete with their own message of exploration and empowerment. 

Cheeky Baby is on a little break, but follow us on social media to see when it comes back.

* For every Cheeky Baby item purchased, a child in need here in the U.S. will get a meal through our partnership with No Kid Hungry. 

You Buy One Pack, a Child Gets One Meal*

Please note that Cheeky Baby is no longer available for purchase.


Trainer Cups

Bottoms up! These Cheeky Baby trainer cups make transitioning from bottle to cup a piece of cake at 4 months. The gentle bite spouts are perfect for your baby’s little chompers. Both trainer cups are spill proof, have easy grip handles, and are sturdy but light.




Sippy Cups

Sip sip, hooray! Your little one is ready to move onto a bigger cup! Still sized for little hands, these Cheeky Baby sippy cups have a firm spout with a soft touch that’s safe for little chompers. These cups are spill proof, easy to assemble, and are sturdy but light.


Straw Cups

They’re on the move! These Cheeky Baby straw cups have a flip top lid that make it easy to close when on the go. The soft bite straw is perfect for little chompers and the cup is sized just right for little hands. These cups are spill proof, easy to assemble, and are sturdy but light.



Feeding is more fun with Cheeky Baby cutlery! Our feeding spoons have long handles with a flex tip that can reach the bottoms
of jars. The tip is soft and gentle on gums, making it a great first spoon for your baby. At 9 months, your baby can start feeding
him or herself with our colorful cutlery. Designed for small hands, the handles are easy to grip and make eating by themselves
easy peasy. At 12 months, your baby can graduate to stainless steel cutlery; the rounded prongs make eating easy and safe.



Stack and go! These Cheeky Baby bowls are taking food anywhere. With mix and match lids, these bowls are stackable and portable. The non slip bowls will keep the bowls perfectly in place on the table, even if your baby wants to move. These bowls will make feeding fun and their high walls will make it easy to scoop yummy food and are leak proof and sturdy but light.





Let’s eat! These Cheeky Baby divided plates help keep yummy food separate and make scooping easy. Stack them up! These plates are easy to store and are sturdy but light. 


Silicone Bibs

Let’s make a mess! These Cheeky Baby silicone bibs are very comfy and easy to adjust around your baby’s neck. Have a messy eater? No problem! The perfect pocket will catch food and the bib is easy to wipe. It’s also water resistant, sturdy, and light. 


Need a little help with our Cheeky Baby cups? Willow and Sadie are here to help you give our cups a little extra TLC with cleaning and assembly instructions.

Hard Spout Trainer Cup

Soft Spout Trainer Cup

Sippy Cup

Straw Cup



*For each item marked Cheeky Kids that is purchased from 10/01/16 to 10/01/18, Cheeky Kids, LLC will donate the monetary equivalent of one meal to No Kid Hungry. One meal is equivalent to $0.10.  This amount is based on the individual experiences of No Kid Hungry grant recipients. This purchase/donation is not tax deductible for guests. Cheeky Kids, LLC is solely responsible for this program and donations.

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