Sandwich-Free Lunch Ideas | Cheeky Go

So... your child is over the same old packed sandwich lunches. We don't blame them! It can become boring if you eat the same thing all the time. Here are 6 sandwich-free lunch ideas that will spice up your kids' lunch and make lunchtime fun again. Your little ones are sure to be excited all day for these ones.

Pita and Hummus Plate

Place hummus, pita and veggies into a bento box. Throw in a pack of applesauce for a sweet side. This will take you no time to make and is tasty too!


Because food on a stick is always more fun, alternate leftover dinner meat and vegetables to make a kabob. Add some melon and crisps on the side.

Italian Pasta Salad

Got a pasta lover on your hands? Make this pasta salad for a fun twist in your kids lunch. Finish off with fruit and veggies and your child will thank you! 

Protein Dip

In your bento box, add a protein salad, such as chicken or egg salad, along with crackers and celery sticks. This is ideal for the little snackers out there.

Sandwich-Free Lunch Ideas | Cheeky Go

Breakfast for Lunch

Since breakfast is delicious at all times of day, try these breakfast muffins with yogurt and berries on the side. 


Does your child love Mexican food? Line up soft taco shells with meat, vegetables, and cheese inside them. Add salsa to dip and fruit.