Chef Scott Bassin lives by the motto “It’s better to give than to receive,” which is why he volunteers his time with Cooking Matters, and why he has been selected for our Hunger Hero Paper Plate Award!

The Cooking Matters program is a nation-wide program created by Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign that teaches people how to select and prepare healthy meals on an assisted limited budget. The program helps empower families to eat better for less, cooking nutritious food at home. Cooking Matters has courses for everyone, from children and teenagers, to college students and seniors.

Chef Bassin puts his years of culinary experience teaching for Cooking Matters at the Idaho Foodbank. The recipes he selects are based on items that are regularly distributed by the food bank and he also teaches his students basic kitchen skills. The Cooking Matters campaign makes such a big difference helping hunger in Boise that both local news channel KBOI2 and Living Health Magazine featured his work in more detail.

When he’s not teaching, Chef Bassin donates his time for “A Chefs’ Affaire,” the The Idaho Foodbank’s largest fundraiser each year. He helps rally other talented local chefs to help provide the food for the gala and auctions off his services to raise money.

Thank you Chef Bassin for everything you do to help end hunger in Idaho and for being Cheeky’s March Hunger Hero!

Every month millions of Americans volunteer their time to help end hunger in America. At Cheeky, we’re not only on a mission to help end hunger, but bring light to all the amazing people that make it possible. Every month we’ll recognize local hunger heroes in communities across the United States with the Cheeky Paper Plate Awards. Nominate someone today.

Pictured: Chef Scott Bassin with his wife, Kelly.