Our next Hunger Hero for the month of June is Lara Gillman from Cycle House!

With two awesome locations in the beautiful cities of Santa Monica and Westwood, Cycle House provides riders with an easy way to get fit while helping those in need - no sweat! But how do fun exercises give back? Cycle House makes a donation on behalf of their riders. For each person that takes a class, Cycle House donates not one, but two meals, through Feeding America. Since launching in 2011, they have successfully given over half a million meals! Lara and her husband Adam are the zealous heroes behind this multipurpose project.

As a little girl, Lara was always driven by her passion to feed those facing hunger. She would often find herself handing food to homeless people she’d come across. In high school, she volunteered at food banks. And today, Lara volunteers in Santa Monica at OPCC, a non-profit organization that helps people who have experienced abuse, poverty, and discrimination get back up on their feet. This passion would forever be ingrained in her and eventually inspired her to launch her business: Cycle House.

Lara Gillman of Cycle House | Cheeky Hunger Hero

Through Cycle House, participants are able to get involved in the fight to end hunger in the U.S. easily and regularly. At the end of each class, instructors announce how each rider has helped donate two meals to Feeding America. Cycle House inspires their riders with a colorful chalkboard at the entrance of each location that proudly announces the preceding week’s total meals donated. Lara is constantly stressing the importance of giving back as a huge part of the Cycle House ethos. She even incorporates canned food drives during the holidays for her riders.

Cycle House Chalkboard

Lara is driven to keep fighting the fight, because she can see Cycle House is indeed making a huge difference. Feeding America has acknowledged her business as one of the top contributors, motivating her even more to continue fighting to end hunger.

Thank you Lara for raising awareness for hunger in the U.S. and making it easy for riders to helping others access a healthy meal. Congratulations on being our next Hunger Hero and keep doing what you’re doing!

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