Did you know September is Hunger Action Month, a month long campaign hosted by Feeding America dedicated to those facing hunger in the US? Join us in the fight to end hunger in the U.S. for the 1 in 8 people that are still facing it in every county in America.

Feeding America calls the public to take action this month to recognize that hunger exists and to do something about it. This year’s campaign asks the question what the feeling of having an empty stomach is like and how it affects our ability to be productive. This feeling is represented as a battery, representing the feeling of bodies and minds being on empty due to the lack of nutritious meals.

Feeding America provides the tools necessary to partake in the campaign in this Hunger Action Month Toolkit for Partners. Here are some ways that you can join the fight:

Social Activation: 

Download this printable paper plate poster and write what you can’t do on an empty stomach. Post the photo on your social media tagging @FeedingAmerica and use the hashtag #HungerActionMonth. 

Spread the Word in Your Neighborhood

Print out the flyers and table tents in the toolkit and post them around your office, school, or other locations to raise awareness. 

Hunger Action Day

Use the tools in your toolkit to post on social media and spread the work even further. Also, join the Cheeky team in wearing orange and spreading the word about hunger in the US.

Thank you for joining us in the fight to end hunger!