Need a simple, no bake holiday treat? Look no further, we've got Dining With Skyler's Gingerbread Cranberry Crunch Balls Recipe!

This recipe includes cranberries, graham crackers, white chocolate, and rice crispy treats. What a sweet and crunchy treat!

Watch below on how to make this "ballsy bite" along with Skyler!

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Learn how to make these gingerbread cranberry crunch balls from Dining With Skyler | Cheeky Chatter

Skyler Bouchard is a food media entrepreneur and personality with a mission to discover a new taste in her kitchen, New York City, and beyond. She works to develop fun recipes for every occasion and loves to make bite-sized party snacks while singing and filming herself in her kitchen for her new show #BallsyBites. You can find her at the 24-hour NYC pizza parlor.

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