It’s that time of year again... festival season! After attending Coachella last year, Cheeky’s Marketing & Merchandising Associate Michelle has some tips on how to make your weekend the most fun possible!

Get Cheeky at Coachella!


Water and sunscreen are your biggest essentials. In the heat of the day, in the middle of the desert, everyone is sure to get a little extra love from the sun. And don’t forget to stay hydrated and drink lots of water. There will be plenty of water stations around the festival so be sure to bring your own bottle to refill.

Whether your feet hurt from standing or you have a headache from being in the sun too long, there’s a very high chance that you’ll need some relief at some point in the weekend. Keep a small bottle of ibuprofen in your purse, backpack, or fanny pack.

Lip balm, bug spray, and a bandana all come with the volatile Indio weather. Whether it’s too hot for the bugs to come out, dirt is being blown into every crevice in your face, or your lips are so chapped they could fall right off, you’ll want to be prepared for the very worst.Get Cheeky at Coachella!

It’s fun to pick out the most stylish outfits to boost your music festival experience but keep an extra sweater or jacket handy as those hot temps drop a lot at night! And since showering isn’t the most convenient thing you could be doing, dry shampoo, and baby wipes are a must.

Get Cheeky at Coachella!


Now that you’re packed and prepared for everything, comes the most important part, and that is how to make the most of your festival weekend.  When you get sucked into the vortex that is Coachella time, everything seems to happen a little later and slower than originally planned, but that’s completely okay; just go with it! Along with this, stick to a buddy system and never navigate the festival grounds alone.

Get Cheeky at Coachella!

So you can make everyone at home jealous via your Snapchat, charge up that portable phone charger and keep it handy. Your phone is also your best bet for syncing up with friends. Rumor has it that cell service will be much better this year.

Get Cheeky at Coachella!

A word from the wise: while you’re packing and when you’re en route to Indio, put on Spotify and listen to all your favorite artists that will be there so you’re ready to sing and dance accordingly.

Get Cheeky at Coachella!


Even though everything said above is crucial, if you’re camping, don’t forget to pack some Cheeky. How could you possibly camp, eat, or drink without our fun cups, plates, bowls, and napkins? Even better, you can feel even more good vibes at Coachella because for every pack you buy, Cheeky gives a meal to someone in need in the U.S. through our partnership with Feeding America. To learn more about our give program, visit

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