Fight the Freshman 15 with Cheeky Go

The transition from an untouchable senior / head of the high school, back down to paying your dues as a newbie freshmen in college can be overwhelming. However, taking control of the health of your body and mindset will give you a one-up on the freshman experience. There is no need to compromise your health when starting this new adventure in life, so let’s get ahead of the stereotypical college weight gain, called "The Freshman 15," by choosing healthy habits.

Redefining the freshmen nerves and fearful outlooks can be appeased through healthier daily routines. What does that look like? Here are some of our favorite tips:

  • Make it a point to take the stairs over elevators if time allows. Your glutes will thank you.
  • Take advantage of your school's free gym! Try out some cardio equipment, hang out in the weight room, or check out some classes. Most schools build a gym membership into tuition, so definitely use this to your advantage.
  • Your meal plan will have lots of yummy option, but choose an occasional veggie wrap over a burger to beat the weight gain.
  • Simple actions like grabbing your Cheeky Go double-insulated water bottle, filling it up with cold water and a few slices of lemon each morning will give you a long-lasting refreshment that also benefits your body’s systems throughout the day. It's easy to refill your bottle at the dining hall or a water fountain.
  • Make a friend! Invite your new dorm mate or classmate to help you stay accountable. Go to the gym together or send each other snaps of what you're eating. You're more likely to stay healthy if you have someone with the same goals as you.
  • Register for that 1-unit yoga class if your schedule allows.
  • Avoid packaged or microwave meals as much as possible, and choose the "homemade" option in the dining hall, or make a salad in your dorm room.
  • Swap out your coffees for green tea.
  • Try a new workout class! Studios often offer discounts if you show them your student ID.
  • Are you a commuter? Opt to park in a farther lot to get those extra steps in.
  • Play ball! Join an intramural sport through your school's athletic department. It will give you a chance to play a sport without the pressures of being on the school's official team, and you might even make some friends.

College by nature is stress-inducing, but if your health is first priority negativity, anxiety, and bad habits can be drastically prevented. Maintaining your health and rejecting the stereotypical freshman 15 weight gain makes the college transition an adventure rather than a overwhelming time to just get through.