Summertime means school's out and it's time to have fun in the sun! But summer comes with some less sunny consequences...

More than 22 million children currently receive free or reduced-price meals through the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs, yet the majority of those children, 4 out of every 5, will lose access to those meals when classes are out for the summer. It's tragic.

Now that school is out, these children need our support more than ever. And we know Cheeky fans want to help! You're already making a big difference when you choose Cheeky: we donate a meal to Feeding America with every Cheeky purchase you make. Now there's another way to get involved.


This July, join the ranks of parents just like you to stand up to summer hunger. Prepare to get juicy with your kids hosting a French Bull for Cheeky lemonade stand! You can turn a lazy summer day for your family into a fun fundraise for your local food bank. We've put together a very cool kit to help spruce up your lemonade stand.

Cheeky Lemonade Stand to Help End Summer Hunger - Download Your Free Kit!

1. DOWNLOAD YOUR KIT In this free downloadable kit , you'll find print outs for cute bunting in the classic French Bull Multidot print, DIY activities, a coloring page, and a fact sheet on how kids are facing hunger in the summer.

2. PREP WITH THE KIDS Explore the kit with your family, string your bunting together, color in your signs, and read about how hunger affects kids in the US. Do a quick grocery run to prep lemonade and snacks for sale.

3. HAWK YOUR WARES Set up your lemonade stand any sunny day this July. Choose a spot where you’ll get some friendly foot traffic. Encourage your kids to talk with their customers about hunger and why they’re raising money.

Cheeky Lemonade Stand to Help End Summer Hunger - Download Your Free Kit!

4. SNAP A PHOTO Capture the moment and post with #CheekyLemonade #ChildHunger.

5. DONATE It's easy to hand off the funds you collect. Keep it local and donate to one of the Feeding America food banks offering free lunch near you or go online to

So whip up some lemonade, pick up your French Bull for Cheeky cups at Target, and help raise money for your local food bank! For every $1 raised, you could provide as many as 10 meals for kids this summer!

Download the kit here.

Cheeky Lemonade Stand to Help End Summer Hunger - Download Your Free Kit!

Photos courtesy of Kyle DeWitt.