Lemonade is so hot right now. Not only because of Beyoncé’s Emmy-nominated visual album, but because summertime is perfect for America’s favorite citrus refresher. 

But, we also think the timing of lemonade couldn’t be more perfect to talk about kids facing hunger in the U.S. Why, you ask?

Well believe it or not, 16 million children face hunger and summer is one of the most challenging times of the year for these kids. Most of these children rely on schools to receive lunch, and in some cases, breakfast too. When summer comes around, it’s challenging for those children to get the food he or she needs. Food banks, agencies, and non profit groups work tirelessly during the summer to help end hunger in communities across the country.

Here’s where Cheeky and lemonade come in. We created a family activity to help raise awareness of summer hunger in the U.S. You and your family can build your own lemonade stand where all proceeds can benefit your local food bank! We put together a fun DIY Kit making it easy for everyone to raise awareness, funds, and have fun!

Join us and download your very own kit here.

We hope this is a fun activity for you, your family, and community to learn more about summer hunger here in the U.S.

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For more information on childhood hunger here in the U.S. check out what our partners have to say at feedingamerica.org or nokidhungry.org.