We’re proud to announce an exciting partnership that we’ve been cooking up – Chef Mario Batali is joining forces with Cheeky to help end hunger in America… one plate at a time!

Chef Batali, world-renowned chef, restaurateur, and a Cheeky fella, will serve as Cheeky’s Chief Culinary Ambassador inspiring consumers to consciously choose Cheeky products to give back.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with one of the most respected and recognized chefs today,” says Cheeky CEO and Co-Founder, PJ Brice. “Chef Batali is a wonderful addition to our Cheeky family, and together we will make hunger relief a top priority in this country.”

“As a chef, the issue of hunger has always been near to my heart. To me, food is so much more than nourishment—it is love; it is hope for a happier life and a better future,” explains Chef Batali. “I am honored to partner with Cheeky to find new ways to help all of us give back each and every day.”

We’re so psyched to have Chef Batali on the Cheeky team and we have amazing plans in the works to band together and help end hunger. This partnership isn’t just brilliant, it’s a perfect pairing!