Wow - it’s been a year since we announced our partnership with Mario Batali! Last April, we recruited Mario to be Cheeky’s Chief Culinary Ambassador to help us empower our fans to help end hunger.

From volunteering together to kicking off a national campaign challenging friends and fans to balance a spoon on their nose for hunger awareness, we’ve had a blast working with Mario.

French Bull for Cheeky Volunteer Event at The Food Bank for New York City

Mario Batali Spoontember Spoon Selfie

We asked Mario how he’s felt about working with Cheeky this past year. Read on for the Q&A!

What has been your favorite Cheeky product to date?
It’s no secret that I like color and the French Bull for Cheeky collection has been one of the most colorful collections yet. I’m still holding out for an all-orange collection… hee hee.

How has working with Cheeky helped your mission to help end hunger?
Any opportunity to start a dialogue about hunger relief and why it’s so important is helping to end hunger. A huge part of hunger relief is understanding and educating those around us that so many people in our cities (and many cases, our next door neighbors) rely on soup kitchens and food pantries to get by each day.

When Cheeky works with artists like Bri of designlovefest, I love that her fans are learning about Feeding America’s mission.  The more we spread the word, the more lives we can save.

Our new hashtag and motto is #MakeMealtimeMatter. What does that mean to you?
Who we eat with and the conversations we share are just as important as what we’re eating. Food is only as good as the company you share it with. Mealtime is the time to put down our smart phones and reconnect with the people seated around the dinner table. Most people only have a few hours a day to relax with their family, so making it matter is what we should be striving for.

How can your fans help end hunger?
There are so many ways to help. Volunteering at soup kitchens is a great way to help. Getting involved with organizations like Feeding America and your local food bank is a great start. Spreading the word and starting a dialogue is always helpful. And of course, when you’re shopping and faced with option of what plateware to buy, why not choose the one that gives back??

Thank you, Mario Batali, for an amazing first year with Cheeky. We can’t wait to see what else is in store!