7 Back to College Essentials | Cheeky

Going back-to-college can be the highlight of many college students' summers. It means moving out, having social events scattered across your calendar, and just getting back to your normal routine.

To kick off your semester right, we have created a list of all your back-to-college essentials. This will keep you from sitting in on the first day of class, with a single sheet of notebook paper, praying it'ill get you through your classes for the day. We got you.

Backpack/Bag: This is an essential, so find one that shows off your personal style and you will love carrying it around. Try a printed backpack or a stylish bag!

Planner: Whether its electronic or handwritten, you NEED a planner. If you get the right one, scheduling out your days can be oddly satisfying and will keep you on top of your game.

Notebook: Not all professors will allow you to use your laptop, so be sure to get a good notebook. Use either a divided for all classes, or a single for each and you will be set.

Pens, Pencils, Highlighters: Stock up on these! They keep your notes in check and someone is bound to ask to borrow one at some point, so it’s good to be prepared.

Folder: Nothing is worse than frantically searching your bag for a paper you need for class. Folders keep you organized and save you this unnecessary stress.

Mini Stapler: Now weknow this sounds a little grade school… but trust us on this. You don’t want to be scouring for a stapler after printing your 10-page paper before class. It is a life saver.

Hot Cups: These are crucial for your midday pick-me-up of coffee or tea during classes. We are digging our new "It's Go Time" hot cups.