In the New Year, it seems like we all have the same goal: get healthy. So what’s the secret that will make this the year that you really eat well? Here’s a simple way you can kick-start your healthy year and help someone in need do the same.

One rule: get a smaller plate. Turns out, we often decide how much to eat, not based on how hungry we are, but on how big our plate is! Research psychologists Brian Wansink at Cornell and Koert van Ittersum at University of Groningen have found on average people like their plates about 70% full. So with a big plate, you’ll load up far more food than a small one. Choose a smaller plate and you’ll end up eating much more reasonable proportions – and psychologically you’ll feel just as satisfied.

Cheeky offers a few size plates to help put this plan in motion. We’ve got tiny plates perfect for a sandwich. And medium size plates for that delicious salad or pasta dinner. And the best part about Cheeky plates – besides our colorful cute designs! – for every pack you buy at Target, we’ll donate a meal to someone who needs it right here in the U.S. through our partnership with Feeding America.

It may sound like a paradox, but despite the high rates of obesity in the U.S., one in five Americans struggles with food insecurity. Living a healthy lifestyle is pretty darn hard for those who can afford daily meals, let alone those who can’t always.

Members of food insecure households use various coping strategies that lead to weight gain. To get enough energy, families turn to low-quality diets filled with high-calorie cheap foods. Fruits and vegetables take a back seat. Without options, eating something is better than eating nothing.

Which is why our partner Feeding America, the largest domestic hunger-relief organization in the country, has made it their priority to provide healthy meals to their clients. Their network of food banks provided 1 billion pounds of fruits and vegetables last year and is working on solutions with U.S. farmers to provide even more this year.

So make a plan. Pick up a pack of Cheeky’s smaller plates this week at Target and help yourself and someone who needs it get on track for 2015. You’re not alone this New Years!