Thank you to the fashion-forward foodie-friendly men and women that joined us for our first Cheeky Dinner Party. What a night! We celebrated the launch of Cheeky at root & bone in NY. Chefs Jeff McInnis and Janine Booth went above and beyond to serve their witty southern comfort food on our equally Cheeky plates. I loved getting to meet the tastemakers of New York and share what Cheeky has planned. Check out the menu below. Apologies if it makes you hungry.

- Deviled eggs topped with caviar
- Corn spoon bread with sweet lobster and buttermilk cream whip
- Little roots with butter bean hummus and root chips
- Little popped corn with meyer lemon and dill
- House-made biscuits, corn bread with jams, jellies, and fresh whip
- Signature lemon fried chicken with honey tabasco and fresh herbs
- Root vegetables with carrot top pesto and pickled raisins
- Grilled butternut squash, ginger bbq and salty black pepper- marshmallow
- Pecan Pie squares with chocolate crust
- Red velvet cupcakes with a cream cheese dollop

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Special thanks to Nic Dahl for our Cheeky installations, Petal by Pedal for the sweet flowers, and Lisa Prins for the amazing

Written by: PJ Brice, CEO & Founder

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Cheeky Bowl Petal by Petal flowers

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