We've collected 7 new snack recipes and ideas from around the web to inspire fun, creative moms incorporate new, fresh ideas for their kids after school snacks! 
1. For a cool, refreshing snack, try these frozen yogurt covered grapes! You can prep these quickly the night before and just keep them in your freezer for a few days, or however long they may last! To make it even healthier, use a fat-free greek yogurt to dip each grape in, then stick them in the freezer - yummy and delicious. Don’t love grapes? Try it with a different fruit, like strawberries or blueberries for the same great flavor.
2. For an alternative to unhealthy packaged cookies, try making these healthy paleo apple cookies! Slice the apples thinly, top with a spread like peanut butter or almond butter, and add some toppings like raisins, shredded coconut, or cinnamon.
3. For another yummy after school treat, try these peanut butter banana roll ups! Super quick and easy to make for the kids! For a gluten-free option, swap out the regular tortilla for a gluten free one. 
4. Skip the movie theater and go straight for the popcorn (without the butter)! These fun popcorn pouchesare the perfect snack to have around for your kids. Whether it be a movie day or a quick snack before sports, these pouches are easy and great! You can add whatever ingredients you like to make it as healthy and sustaining as you’d like!
5. Forget the traditional ants on a log snack and try the new Ladybugs On a Log! These fun, cream cheese filled celery sticks topped with dried cranberries are a great snack for your growing kids. Under 100 calories per serving, these are great to prep before and take out of the fridge right as the bus pulls up.
6. These hummus pita pockets are a great protein-vegetable packed snack. Open the pita pockets and fill with a little bit of hummus and whatever vegetables you would like, for a nutrient packed snack!
7. For a super quick and healthy snack, try making these kabobs! Simply layers different types of fruit and cubed cheese onto a skewer and you are done! Try alternating grapes, cheddar cheese, and strawberries for a yummy treat!