Passover, which begins on April 22, is an important Jewish holiday that has strong biblical roots and ties. Passover commemorates Jewish people and their liberation from slavery in Egypt under the leadership of Moses. Passover is rich in custom and tradition. Below are a few recipes that will help you celebrate along with traditions that will help you make the most out of this week-long event.  

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Passover brisket is a must have at every Passover get-together. Follow the simple recipe below for guaranteed goodness.

Craving a sweet and zesty meal? Try roast turkey breast with glazed vegetables, the perfect dish for any holiday.

Are you a meat lover? Then you’ve got to try braised short ribs. As seen on Wolfgang Puck, this meal is an absolute hit.

Oma’s fabulous matzo ball soup is fast and easy to make. Avoid using too much matzo meal in order to let the matzo ball float to the top of the water.

Roast leg of lamb with rosemary is a meal that will keep your guests happy and their stomachs full. Let the lamb marinate overnight in a variety of herbs and spices. 

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Seder Traditions

- The most important ceremony of the week is Seder. This special ceremony is celebrated with lavish meals, songs and prayer, and storytelling. Traditionally, individuals wear white to observe and celebrate Seder.
- The colors gold are silver are thought of as significant colors and are placed on the Seder table.
- Four glasses of wine are poured during Seder.
- While drinking the third glass of wine, the doors of any house should be open.
- Matzah is broken into three parts and passed around the dinner table.

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