10 Kid-Friendly Healthy Meals | Cheeky Kids

Looking for fun, healthy meals for your kids? We created a list of 10 crowd-pleaser breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes that are both easy to make and healthy! 
1. A breakfast or snack that the kids can enjoy all week long- these fruit packed muffins are a super quick and healthy option to serve in the mornings. Enjoy on its own, or slide in half and put it on the skillet for 5 minutes to heat up!
2. For a healthy pancake alternative, try these whole wheat banana pancakes! These pancakes are packed with nutrients and will give your kids energy all day long! Top with a little maple syrup for some extra flavor.
3. Do your kids love pizza? If so, good news: there is such thing as breakfast pizza! Use half an english muffin as the crust, top with tomato slices and an egg, then  pop in the toaster for a quick and yummy protein-packed breakfast option.
4. This breakfast recipe is ideal for those busy mornings. Prep these granola bars over the week for a fantastic grab-n-go breakfast all week long!
5. Sick of burgers on the grill? This cheeseburger salad recipe is a perfect swap for a healthy option of this classic american food tradition. Add whatever extra veggies you want on top for extra nutrition!
6. Want a quick and easy pasta dish? Try making this healthy pasta- so light and delicious your kids won’t even mind the peas and broccoli! Ready to eat in about 20 minutes, this dish is perfect for rushed evenings.
7. Another kid-friendly dinner option is tortilla pizza- a healthy alternative to regular pizza, with less carbs. dd whatever toppings you want for the same delicious taste as regular pizza! Gluten free? Swap out flour tortillas for gluten free or corn tortillas.
8. Jessica Alba’s turkey meatballs are a perfect dinner option for your family! A healthy alternative to pork, these turkey meatballs are great served by themselves or on top of some pasta!
9. In the mood for asian food? This honey noodle stir fry is super easy to make! Try adding zucchini and green beans for some extra flavor.
10. Looking for a lean winter meal? This recipe is perfect for a healthy twist on classic chili. Great for those chilly nights at home!